Kojima may quit movies to direct videogames

Rumors are running widly around the web since GameSpot reported that some friends know some friends whose dads work at Konami and they told them that respected video game designer Hideo Kojima will leave the company and find a new job in the videogame business.

This would mean that the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be his last masterpiece of his career as a movie director and occasional anime enthusiast. The rumors has yet to be proven or disproved, but all fans are distressed at the possibility that the Metal Gear Solid saga will end up in the hands of an american developer and that Silent Hills may end up as videogame.

Konami is also pretty positive that no one will notice the disappearance of Kojima’s name on every single cover of every game he worked on, and reported to the press that ‘he’s alright‘.

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