Black people in Watch Dogs do not cast shadow

What it may seem some sort of click-bait title is actually the most honest sentence that, in all fairness, could be wrote to introduce readers to the situation.

While the actual origin of the finding is unknown, it spread rather wildly around the web: in Ubisoft‘s 2014 triple AAA game Watch Dogs all black people do not cast shadows – yes, even “IRAQ”. While most people took the info as a joke, others have jumped in the game to check by themselves. And no shadows they found.

No one has a clear answer on what is going on. Is this happening on purpose or is it some kind of awkward glitch, like many already found in the game? And how no one noticed for so long? For now, Ubisoft has released just a single statement via their twitter account:

Well, you know, the lighting engine.

You can see by yourself one of the many incriminating pictures that are now appearing on all social networks and whatnot:


Several myth busters and web specialists have confirmed that the many images like the one above are pixel-real.


Zelda being pushed to 2016 is probably Miyamoto’s fault

Remember when Miyamoto declared that he had no idea about the next Star Fox? Well, apparently that was not consequences-free.

Revered game designer Shigeru Miyamoto admitted on Nintendo’s own Miiverse community that, due to his desire to release the next installment in the Star Fox franchise before the next Zelda game (slated for Nintendo’s past-gen console Wii U) Zelda’s director Eiji Aonuma had to move some dates around. Zelda Wii U is now delayed to 2016, and Eiji Aonuma commented:

It is common practice to push a game’s release in order to assure the final product will be of the finest quality. As a fan myself of the series, I also desire to keep the promise we made with all the other fans around the world. There is also another reason why we won’t show the game to the next E3, but only Miyamoto-san knows what that is, and he won’t tell anyone.

Miyamoto ended stating that the next Star Fox game will release before Mario Maker.

“All I Want” Crazy Taxi theme coming to every single Sega game

While Crazy Taxi had fast-paced gameplay and colorful visuals, Sega seems to believe that what really sold the game is the immensely popular “All I Want” music track played throughout the whole game.

This is why, in a sudden move, Sega announced that “All I Want” will be added to every single Sega game that will release from now on – including ports of older games. Sega then showed off some gameplay footage from Ecco the Dolphin with the song playing in the background, before adding that they’ll probably edit every single audio file from every Sega game to be “All I Want”, just in case. The song is embed below.

Sega stocks later dropped drastically.

Nintendo confirms they’ll go mobile, first title will be Super Mario Galaxy 2 port

Nintendo sure surprised everyone with their last announce that the company will enter the mobile gaming competition, but the real jar-dropping news has been unveiled just a few days later: the first title that will be released will be a port of the Wii title Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Not much has been revealed aside for the announcement itself, except for the fact that it will feature mobile controls, including the ability to shake the Smartphone/Ipad to make Mario spin – and improved graphics over the Wii version.

Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata had this to say:

“Coming from myself it may sound silly, but the reason we picked Super Mario Galaxy was how well it tied with the already existing brand of popular mobile cellphones. Here at Nintendo we firmly believe that a product’s name, either for a software or a console, has no impact whatsoever on how people will perceive it and should be assigned randomly for the sake of silliness. Stay tuned for more infos on our next console, codenamed NX and with a planned title of WiiU2².”

Kojima may quit movies to direct videogames

Rumors are running widly around the web since GameSpot reported that some friends know some friends whose dads work at Konami and they told them that respected video game designer Hideo Kojima will leave the company and find a new job in the videogame business.

This would mean that the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be his last masterpiece of his career as a movie director and occasional anime enthusiast. The rumors has yet to be proven or disproved, but all fans are distressed at the possibility that the Metal Gear Solid saga will end up in the hands of an american developer and that Silent Hills may end up as videogame.

Konami is also pretty positive that no one will notice the disappearance of Kojima’s name on every single cover of every game he worked on, and reported to the press that ‘he’s alright‘.

Man uses Cheat Engine on The Binding of Isaac, 17 years of prison

A harsh verdict that no one saw coming: after a lengthy trial, an anonymous man from California has been sentenced to 17 years of prison due to “unplanned use of external hacker-related program Cheat Engine to modify a copyrighted propriety”. The copyrighted propriety in case being The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, the popular indie game by Edmund McMillen.

The man seem to have downloaded and run the program in order to speed the game up to double its originally intended pace; all in order to make the gameplay faster and cross finger for good items to pop up in the playthrough of the randomly-generated roguelike game.

Some of his internet buddies frowned upon his actions, and reported everything to the cyber-crime division of the local police. No one expected the judge to be a hardcore roguelike player though, who sentenced the man to 17 years for his “abominable actions”. More information about the case have yet to be publicly revealed to the press.

EA’s John Riccitielo thought about doing an “Iwata Asks” show in the past

EA‘s ultimate form final boss John Riccitielo revealed that, in the past, he thought about the idea of doing a series of developer interviews in the vein of the popular Nintendo’s Iwata Asks. Unfortunately, the idea came and went, as Riccitielo realized that EA sort of killed every single studio they acquired.

“I was really into the idea at the time. I set up a location, camera and spent several resources on the project. I was planning to ask Peter Molyneux how the idea behind the first Dungeon Keeper game came to be, but then I realized that EA shut off Bullfrog’s studio in 2001, and it all became quite awkward. Then I wanted to talk with some Origin developers about the Ultima series, but again – we bought them in 1992 and closed the studio in 2004, again so awkward!”

“But do not worry, as I’m thinking of trying again with a full interview with Will Wright about how Spore came to be.”

Man sue Nintendo over Majora’s Mask 3D gyorg fight

Nintendo know his fans are hard to please, but things really got out of hands when a man that goes by the name “TheGoronSmasher” filed a lawsuit against the japanese publisher in which he called the fight against the third boss in the newly released Majora’s Mask 3Dunfair, frustrating and all around shit“.

The original lawsuit goes on with crude details that TheGoronSmasher shared on the internet: “I was promised redesigned boss fights and I’m the first in line to admit that the superb, original Majora’s Mask for the Nintendo 64 was faulty of a boring and hard-to-control boss fight with the Water Temple’s last stand, the masked fish Gyorg. My hopes bursted like a bubble the moment I reached said fight in the 3DS remake of the game – while all the issues with the fight have been resolved by the new first phase, the second one that has been added is pure bullshit. The camera spins every time I start swimming, making Zora Link a pain to control; the mines are sporadic and Gyorg’s random pattern makes him impossible to attack. Your only weapon underwater are Zora Link’s spastic arm-boomerangs which moves too slow and do no shit. It was painful and even worst than the original game. Fuck you.

Nintendo has yet to comment on the matter, and is likely that the case will be resolved out of the court. As for now, TheGoronSmasher has simply been called “an entitled crybaby” around the forums.