Black people in Watch Dogs do not cast shadow

What it may seem some sort of click-bait title is actually the most honest sentence that, in all fairness, could be wrote to introduce readers to the situation.

While the actual origin of the finding is unknown, it spread rather wildly around the web: in Ubisoft‘s 2014 triple AAA game Watch Dogs all black people do not cast shadows – yes, even “IRAQ”. While most people took the info as a joke, others have jumped in the game to check by themselves. And no shadows they found.

No one has a clear answer on what is going on. Is this happening on purpose or is it some kind of awkward glitch, like many already found in the game? And how no one noticed for so long? For now, Ubisoft has released just a single statement via their twitter account:

Well, you know, the lighting engine.

You can see by yourself one of the many incriminating pictures that are now appearing on all social networks and whatnot:


Several myth busters and web specialists have confirmed that the many images like the one above are pixel-real.


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