Activision confesses to have physically killed Spyro

In what is no hyperbole to call a shocking revelation for the gaming community, Activision confessed that they have personally and physically killed the much-beloved dragon Spyro, main hero of the eponymous Spyro the Dragon series.

The crime was perpetuated after the Spyro The Dragon rights were passed from Sierra to Vivendi, from which Activision started producing the second reboot for the series under the request of Toys for Bob. Things have gone awry during a work-related visit by the beloved little dragon, ending with Spyro’s throat sliced open with a knife. Activision covered the murder and kept working on Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, hiring a man to dress up in a Spyro costume and pretend that nothing happened.

Due to the character’s copyright belonging to Activision itself, the gaming colossus will not be legally persecuted for the crime of animal abuse, animal cruelty and mass murder. By the end of the lenghty Activision confession, the following statement was also released:

“When we saw what happened to Rayman after Rayman Raving Rabbits, we wondered: ‘What if murder WAS the best option?’ So we started working on children toys and called it a spin-off, and everyone actually let us do whatever we wanted. On a side note, this is partially due to a personal grudge against Tree Tops.”

Seto Kaiba states that Digimon have always been better than Pokémon

Seto Kaiba, president of Kaiba Corp, stated today in an interview with Time magazine that the Digimon franchise has, in his opinion, always been better than the Pokémon one.

Being the main producer of the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game, Kaiba Corp. has been involved in the past with the development of several videogames based on their popular product, but this is the first time that the influential president himself Seto Kaiba expressed an opinion regarding his taste in videogames.

When asked about his hobbies, he went on to say that

I appreciate Digimon. Digimon is way more mature than Pokémon, has undoubtedly the better animated show of the two and that it saddens me that yet Pokémon is the most popular franchise, even though Digimon came first.

‘Sexy Maid Hentai’ flash game getting a 3DS remake?

Rumors have gone wild after NeoGAF user “FiddlingTaco” leaked a single picture of the nostalgic flash game Sexy Maid Hentai running on his 3DS console.

His post went on with a few details: the game is being worked as an e-shop exclusive remake for Nintendo 3DS, it will feature 3D enhancements and unspecified new content. The user also added that he personally believes a PS Vita version may come out in the future.

This should be taken as a grain of salt, as Nintendo has yet to comment on the matter.

2015-03-01 11.33.39

Big TF2 update is out, the Engineer is now unstoppable

It’s been a while since the last update for the most played online fps, Team Fortress 2 –  but it seems that the time is right to roll in a few line codes to balance the sixth class in the game, the Engineer. This should not come as a surprise, as Valve has already worked hard to balance the Demoman to fair levels just a few months ago.

This time, is the Engineer to get some love: Valve is trying to tweak the class in order to make it “fair on 1vs1 battles and the competitive scene“. The tweaks are numerous, and you can check the entire list over at the TF2 official website. Here is a short list of some of the biggest changes:

>Gunslinger changes:
>Added +25% Mini-Sentry Gun health
>Mini-Sentry now fires 75% faster than Level 1 Sentry Gun.
>Hitting the Mini-Sentry will now make it construct faster.
>Mini-Sentries now drop 100 metal when destroyed.
>Gunslinger now guarantees a Critical hit on a first consecutive punch.
>No random Critical Crits

>Frontier Justice changes:
>Now has random Critical Crits

Hideo Kojima twitters tips on how to play Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has been quite active on Twitter, following the release of Phantom Pain. The popular designer first asked players if they’re enjoying the game, and the results were overwhelmingly positive, as you might expect. He later followed with several advices for everyone who’s currently playing, so if you are interested be sure to follow both his Japanese and English twitter accounts to get all the best tips.

And here are a few, alreayd translated:


“I see that everyone calls the helicopter when you can actually just pause the game and go back at the base lol”

“Is the online working? Is it down for everyone or is it just me?”

“If I hear another shitty anime opening as the helicopter theme (seriously, why?), I’ll fulton someone by their dick. Please use only songs that were made before the date the game is set in. And no beatles lol”


Bethesda hints at a new, rpg maker-made game

Bethesda have enjoyed quite some praise after the release of the highly acclaimed The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim, but it seems that the company has been working hard on their next project for quite some time.

Bethesda’s game designer Todd Howard recently expressed his love for Enterbrain’s popular and versatile Rpg Maker XP tool over the Bethesda forum, leaving behind a few hints that the company may be interested in working with it. Here are some of his posts:

“I realized I still had Rpg Maker XP installed on my hard drive. Such great memories. Seeing the rising popularity of indie games in the last year, I wonder how well a game made with this program could perform ; ) ”

“I’m more of a fan of Rpg Maker 2003, but the self-switches from Rpg Maker XP are one hell of a time saver.”

“Hey, I’m not here to spoil the fun! You’ll hear more about it at the next E3 ; P “

Todd Howard also left a few screens of his old Rpg Maker XP projects, which are probably to be considered unrelated to his next work, as well as low-quality compared to whatever Bethesda is now planning.

rpgmakerxp1 rpgmakerxp2

Sakurai explains why Goku didn’t make it into the last Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai recently had time to answer Super Smash Bros related questions with Japanese Nintendo publication, Nintendo Dream. During the interview Mr Sakurai explained the reason for the lack of Dragon Ball characters in the recent Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, specifically the beloved main protagonist Goku.

“Dragon Ball is a big thing here [in Japan], and suggestions to add the popular hero Goku as a third-party unlockable character were already made back in Melee, but was cut out due to limitation with the Gamecube’s processing power that persisted in Brawl. The entire team was on board with the idea of adding Goku in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, but it eventually didn’t make in again from the roster in favor of Ridley, which also had to be cut in favor of Dark Pit. Truth to be told, I’d rather see Broly than Goku in future games.”

Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite! seems to be getting a remake

Fans of the cute japanese hamster Hamtaro may rejoin to celebrate the sudden appearance of a teaser website that, along with a Nintendo logo, seems to imply the future announcement of a new Hamtaro game.

The teaser site shows a single line: “he’s back”, along with a timer. The fans are actually the ones who, by checking the website’s code source, have found a picture named “ham_unite.jpeg”, which seems to hint that the big reveal will actually be a remake of the game boy color classic Hamtaro: Ham-Ham’s Unite!, released back in 2001.

Rumors are also floating around that this may be a gritty reboot of both the show’s characters and game, instead of a simple remake. Due to Nintendo owning the right of the original game, the platform of choice will probably turn out to be the Nintendo 3DS. You can see a screen of the website right below, or check it out by yourself by visiting it.

Playstation Vita does not show up in the last selling charts

The last global hardware selling charts just came out, and the Playstation Vita does not seem to be performing well.

The Nintendo 3DS is stable at 51.1M, followed by Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. The Wii U is further away from his rivals, standing at 9.2M copies sold. What really strikes though is the fact that the PS Vita is nowhere to be seen in the charts, leading fans to speculate if the portable console is doing well at all.

Sony has yet to release any official statements, but it was pointed out already by multiple fans that the lack of sales may or may not be directly correlated to the lack of exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh games for the system.


Phil Spencer pretends Kinect never happened during interview

During a lengthy interview for Official Xbox Magazine UK, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division Phil Spencer has been repeatedly asked about the future of the Kinect peripheral in relation to the Xbox One, to no avail.

Here are a few bits from the interview (which can be fully viewed on the Official Xbox Magazine website):

“I was personally surprised to see that the Master Chief Collection was not gonna feature kinect controls in any forms, but in the end I enjoyed the game nevertheless.”

“Controls what now?”

“Kinect controls.”

“What’s a ‘Kinect’?”

“I’m talking about Microsoft’s motion-tracking device for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.”

“I’m afraid I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.”

Microsoft later released an official statement that reported “Kinect never happened, guys“.