Playstation Vita does not show up in the last selling charts

The last global hardware selling charts just came out, and the Playstation Vita does not seem to be performing well.

The Nintendo 3DS is stable at 51.1M, followed by Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. The Wii U is further away from his rivals, standing at 9.2M copies sold. What really strikes though is the fact that the PS Vita is nowhere to be seen in the charts, leading fans to speculate if the portable console is doing well at all.

Sony has yet to release any official statements, but it was pointed out already by multiple fans that the lack of sales may or may not be directly correlated to the lack of exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh games for the system.


Zelda being pushed to 2016 is probably Miyamoto’s fault

Remember when Miyamoto declared that he had no idea about the next Star Fox? Well, apparently that was not consequences-free.

Revered game designer Shigeru Miyamoto admitted on Nintendo’s own Miiverse community that, due to his desire to release the next installment in the Star Fox franchise before the next Zelda game (slated for Nintendo’s past-gen console Wii U) Zelda’s director Eiji Aonuma had to move some dates around. Zelda Wii U is now delayed to 2016, and Eiji Aonuma commented:

It is common practice to push a game’s release in order to assure the final product will be of the finest quality. As a fan myself of the series, I also desire to keep the promise we made with all the other fans around the world. There is also another reason why we won’t show the game to the next E3, but only Miyamoto-san knows what that is, and he won’t tell anyone.

Miyamoto ended stating that the next Star Fox game will release before Mario Maker.

Miyamoto admits he still doesn’t have any idea about the next Star Fox game

According to the latest interview with the popular Famitsu magazine, the next, highly anticipated iteration of the Star Fox franchise for Wii U is around 0% development and legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto confessed that he has absolutely no idea “how he could make it”.

The game received a spurt of interest when, during a Nintendo Direct, Mr. Miyamoto unexpectedly announced that its release will precede Zelda Wii U. Surprisingly enough, Miyamoto remarked that his game is gonna come out before Aonuma’s, but at the moment he prefers not to think about it, since this way he feels more relaxed.

“But didn’t you say that the game was gonna come out before the next Zelda game?”

“Yes, absolutely [laughs].”

“And how are you gonna do that?”

“Working under serious time constraints has always forced myself and our team to come up with new ideas. The same thing happened in the past, for example during development of Wii Music. When thinking about a videogame, people don’t usually expect the chance of playing music, and neither did we. Who could know which possibilities we might include in Star Fox?  I’m thinking about rpg elements.”