Man uses Cheat Engine on The Binding of Isaac, 17 years of prison

A harsh verdict that no one saw coming: after a lengthy trial, an anonymous man from California has been sentenced to 17 years of prison due to “unplanned use of external hacker-related program Cheat Engine to modify a copyrighted propriety”. The copyrighted propriety in case being The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, the popular indie game by Edmund McMillen.

The man seem to have downloaded and run the program in order to speed the game up to double its originally intended pace; all in order to make the gameplay faster and cross finger for good items to pop up in the playthrough of the randomly-generated roguelike game.

Some of his internet buddies frowned upon his actions, and reported everything to the cyber-crime division of the local police. No one expected the judge to be a hardcore roguelike player though, who sentenced the man to 17 years for his “abominable actions”. More information about the case have yet to be publicly revealed to the press.