Nintendo confirms they’ll go mobile, first title will be Super Mario Galaxy 2 port

Nintendo sure surprised everyone with their last announce that the company will enter the mobile gaming competition, but the real jar-dropping news has been unveiled just a few days later: the first title that will be released will be a port of the Wii title Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Not much has been revealed aside for the announcement itself, except for the fact that it will feature mobile controls, including the ability to shake the Smartphone/Ipad to make Mario spin – and improved graphics over the Wii version.

Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata had this to say:

“Coming from myself it may sound silly, but the reason we picked Super Mario Galaxy was how well it tied with the already existing brand of popular mobile cellphones. Here at Nintendo we firmly believe that a product’s name, either for a software or a console, has no impact whatsoever on how people will perceive it and should be assigned randomly for the sake of silliness. Stay tuned for more infos on our next console, codenamed NX and with a planned title of WiiU2².”

EA’s John Riccitielo thought about doing an “Iwata Asks” show in the past

EA‘s ultimate form final boss John Riccitielo revealed that, in the past, he thought about the idea of doing a series of developer interviews in the vein of the popular Nintendo’s Iwata Asks. Unfortunately, the idea came and went, as Riccitielo realized that EA sort of killed every single studio they acquired.

“I was really into the idea at the time. I set up a location, camera and spent several resources on the project. I was planning to ask Peter Molyneux how the idea behind the first Dungeon Keeper game came to be, but then I realized that EA shut off Bullfrog’s studio in 2001, and it all became quite awkward. Then I wanted to talk with some Origin developers about the Ultima series, but again – we bought them in 1992 and closed the studio in 2004, again so awkward!”

“But do not worry, as I’m thinking of trying again with a full interview with Will Wright about how Spore came to be.”