Man sue Nintendo over Majora’s Mask 3D gyorg fight

Nintendo know his fans are hard to please, but things really got out of hands when a man that goes by the name “TheGoronSmasher” filed a lawsuit against the japanese publisher in which he called the fight against the third boss in the newly released Majora’s Mask 3Dunfair, frustrating and all around shit“.

The original lawsuit goes on with crude details that TheGoronSmasher shared on the internet: “I was promised redesigned boss fights and I’m the first in line to admit that the superb, original Majora’s Mask for the Nintendo 64 was faulty of a boring and hard-to-control boss fight with the Water Temple’s last stand, the masked fish Gyorg. My hopes bursted like a bubble the moment I reached said fight in the 3DS remake of the game – while all the issues with the fight have been resolved by the new first phase, the second one that has been added is pure bullshit. The camera spins every time I start swimming, making Zora Link a pain to control; the mines are sporadic and Gyorg’s random pattern makes him impossible to attack. Your only weapon underwater are Zora Link’s spastic arm-boomerangs which moves too slow and do no shit. It was painful and even worst than the original game. Fuck you.

Nintendo has yet to comment on the matter, and is likely that the case will be resolved out of the court. As for now, TheGoronSmasher has simply been called “an entitled crybaby” around the forums.

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