User finds that every Fifa game is one and the same since 2003

User “SwedenSmiles” posted on the notorious gaming board Reddit a wordy report of his recent findings about EA SPORTS football game series Fifa, which can be found here.

SwedenSmiles wrote that he accessed the game’s code of every single Fifa ever made, coming to the conclusion that no changes were ever made between all installments of the best-selling franchise from the 2003 chapter onward. Several screen comparisons and pictures were also posted to prove his findings.


The post goes on, detailing the random name generator, the fact that no glitch has ever been patched, the standard controls and, of course, widescreen support:

“From comparing the full codes of every fifa game with each other, I found that the only actual change was a 2 line string code that has been added since fifa 2006 in order to play the game widescreen.”

SwedenSmiles also snapped a picture of his Fifa 2005 pc package, showing that EA SPORTS was careless enough to update every game cover year by year without actually removing the previous ones. EA SPORTS has yet to comment on the matter.


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