From Software calls Dark Souls 2 “a long and terrible april fool’s joke”

Many fans will be relieved to hear From Software‘s last announcement: Dark Souls 2 was nothing but “a long and terrible april fool’s joke”.

The revelation, which may not come as a surprise to most players, was given today after nearly a year from the game’s original release. From Software explained the reason of such delay, and begged players to not indulge in caring about either the game or his place in the Soul series.

“We intended the game to be released on April 1st, but the sudden need to downgrade the graphic for consoles pressured us to anticipate the release of a month. By that time, the reviews we were getting were extremely positive, so we were not in the position to come out and admit it was all a joke. We are deeply sorry. But please do look forward to our next-gen game, Bloodborne.”

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