Gabe Newell worries about the state of anime games on Steam

Iconic managing director Gabe Newell has recently expressed his worries about the state of “anime games” on Valve’s very own digital distribution website Steam. “Gaben”, as affectionately named by the internet community, seem to believe that the number of games “made in Japan” on their website is growing at a fast pace, catching the interests of steam users way easily than any other genre.

Here is the most important bit from his interview:

“Personally, I’d like to see them all burn to hell. They are everywhere, popping out every time I refresh the pages, and people keep greenlighting them – I don’t even think that we are in control of them anymore. They keep selling and selling, building me an empire made of evil that sooner or later will explode and destroy all that we hold dear. There is no future for american games, there is no future for America. God save us all.”

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