Defective Villager amiibo spotted

It seems that once again a defective amiibo has been spotted. This time it originally was a Villager amiibo, but the manufacturing fault is rather evident.

To some people, this original defect shows an uncanny resemblance to the character of Wakka from Final Fantasy X.


2015-03-02 02.24.17


Thanks GamingRetroLord



Breaking Bad videogame in the works?

While the highly acclaimed tv show Breaking Bad has ended back in 2013, there is no doubt it left more than a good impact on all its fans – and most importantly, it left them hungry for more of the crazy adventures of Walter White and Gus Fring.

Many fans of the show will not be surprised to know that Microsoft has been somewhat of a partner thorough the show – something that culminated with a Jesse Pinkman Xbox One commercial that has turned Xbox One on all over american’s living rooms.

Well – better late than never, as a Microsoft spokesperson today has hinted about a Breaking Bad game already in the works, and very likely it will turn out to be an Xbox One exclusive. It is also rumored to have started production as a GTA: San Andreas remake.

Random person on the internet proclames Dota 2 better than League of Legends

This morning, at 09:56 (Eastern time), a random anonymous user on the controversial website 4chan posted a single line that stated “dota2 is better than LoL“. The post did not receive any reply, and was later lost when the thread it was posted in reached what is well-known as 404. The random person has not been identified and probably never will be, but his proclamation is sure to leave a great impact in the gaming community –  one that is sure to cause culture-shaping revolutions in the near future. League of Legends developers also stated “We will do better“.comment2

From Software calls Dark Souls 2 “a long and terrible april fool’s joke”

Many fans will be relieved to hear From Software‘s last announcement: Dark Souls 2 was nothing but “a long and terrible april fool’s joke”.

The revelation, which may not come as a surprise to most players, was given today after nearly a year from the game’s original release. From Software explained the reason of such delay, and begged players to not indulge in caring about either the game or his place in the Soul series.

“We intended the game to be released on April 1st, but the sudden need to downgrade the graphic for consoles pressured us to anticipate the release of a month. By that time, the reviews we were getting were extremely positive, so we were not in the position to come out and admit it was all a joke. We are deeply sorry. But please do look forward to our next-gen game, Bloodborne.”

User finds that every Fifa game is one and the same since 2003

User “SwedenSmiles” posted on the notorious gaming board Reddit a wordy report of his recent findings about EA SPORTS football game series Fifa, which can be found here.

SwedenSmiles wrote that he accessed the game’s code of every single Fifa ever made, coming to the conclusion that no changes were ever made between all installments of the best-selling franchise from the 2003 chapter onward. Several screen comparisons and pictures were also posted to prove his findings.


The post goes on, detailing the random name generator, the fact that no glitch has ever been patched, the standard controls and, of course, widescreen support:

“From comparing the full codes of every fifa game with each other, I found that the only actual change was a 2 line string code that has been added since fifa 2006 in order to play the game widescreen.”

SwedenSmiles also snapped a picture of his Fifa 2005 pc package, showing that EA SPORTS was careless enough to update every game cover year by year without actually removing the previous ones. EA SPORTS has yet to comment on the matter.


Sakurai reveals Ike to be his favourite Smash Bros character

In a recent interview with Famitsu magazine, acclaimed video game designer Masahiro Sakurai has revealed Fire Emblem‘s Ike to be his favourite character in the Smash Bros series. He went on to say the following:

“Well, all the characters have their good and bad counterparts. A player normally uses this kind of information in order to create his/her own unique style of fighting. But who needs strategy when you can just SMASH them off the screen? I mean, Are you really going to beat classic mode level 9.0 with Olimar? [laughs].

Sakurai then pinky sweared he’s not gonna make another Smash Bros game ever again in his life.

Tails Gets Trolled gets paperback edition

Many of you will probably already know about Tails Gets Trolled, the Deviantart Webcomic made by Lazerbot starring Sonic‘s companion and a huge parade of videogame-related characters.

Well, the great news for all fans is that the comic is finally getting an official release on Amazon, as a paperback hardcover physical release. The bad news is that it sold out in mere minutes and it made Amazon crash, so for now the link redirects to nothing and all that is left is a user screen cap, just below the post.

It’s rather baffling to see this big fan cross-over project being greenlighted by such a huge numbers of copyright-protected character’s owners – except for Bugs Bunny, which did not get Warner Bros approval and was swapped with Spiderman.



Man jumps from building because Toy Story world has not been announced yet for Kingdom Hearts III

The scarcity of information and medias on the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III title led to the death of an unnamed man who committed suicide by jumping from the 14th floor of an office building he worked in.

The man did not leave behind any notes, but the reason for his extreme act has been revealed as he jumped out of his office window and screamed “Why hasn’t a Toy Story world been confirmed already for Kingdom Hearts III?“.

The man did not survive the fall, and everyone at MyVideogamesNews wish to give their condolences to his family.

Donkey Kong arrested for child abuse

A quick gossip scoop for the day: Nintendo’s official The Cat Mario Show has confirmed that the underage primate Dixie Kong is, in fact, not the love interest of the young Diddy Kong.

In a shocking plot twist, Dixie Kong has been revealed to be Donkey Kong’s girlfriend. This probably means that, fortunately, Diddy Kong is not banging anyone at the time. Sadly, Donkey Kong has also been arrested immediately with charges of child abuse, which may cause our beloved ape to stick in prison for a while before we get to swing on vines or ride rhinos with again.

You can check the video by yourself here.

Touhou is coming to Steam

You heard that right: the incredibly popular Touhou Project by ZUN seems to be on his way to Valve’s distribution service, Steam. ZUN tweeted the following:

“Big announcement here. We are planning to bring the series to the most popular world-wide digital distribution service.”

While Steam wasn’t really named, there seem to simply be no people who like EA’s Origin, making pretty clear that the most popular sort-of-franchise of really-japanese Shoot ‘Em Up is heading toward Valve’s digital service.

There is apparently no reason for ZUN to attach a photo of his dinner to the announcement tweet, but fans believe this is probably hinting to some obscure game-related content.